Entry #178

Windows 8 Errors coming....never...

2016-11-09 12:15:09 by TheMadWasp

...well, maybe not never. But I don't know when it's coming out, haven't worked on it in ages. I do not enjoy Flash development anymore. If it ever does come out, it's probably not going to be as polished as I wanted to to be. I'm sick of having this game that I need to make on my shoulders, so I'm not giving a release date.
I said it'd be out in 2015, and then I said the same for 2016. At this rate you'll be lucky if it comes out at all.

Although to those that did submit error ideas to me, don't worry. I haven't forgotten, they will be included when/if I get around to making them.



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2017-01-16 01:41:51

...at least your still alive.

TheMadWasp responds: